SemanticComments Sandbox/Widget examples

De Indicateurs EA

This is a small example page that contains recommended widgets from the Widgets extension.

There are a lot of other very interesting widgets that my be worthwhile for you.

For example just have a look at the amazing SlideShare widget or Twitter widget that can also be embedded in any page. An extensive list of available widgets can be found at the official Widgets Catalog.

We have taken our SMW+ Facebook page as an example to provide you with a simple use case. Feel free to modify these parser functions and use them in any wiki page you want to.

{{#widget:Facebook Like Box

creates this Facebook Like Box (see

{{#widget:Facebook Like Box |profile= |stream=false |faces=false |height=63 }}

A Google Calendar (more information is available at is embedded with this code:

{{#widget:Google Calendar
|title=TechPresentations, NYCResistor, US Holidays

and looks like this:

{{#widget:Google Calendar | |color=528800 | |color=2952A3 | |color=B1440E |title=TechPresentations, NYCResistor, US Holidays }}